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Schedule an appointment, so we can make sure you are taking proper care of your feet. By doing this, we can help you avoid future medical problems.


We'll inspect your feel for signs of infection or other medical problems. Foot inspections are an important part to staying healthy.

Foot inspections are a necessity when you live with diabetes. In fact, it recommended that you have your feet checked at least once a year.


Contact Dr. Jill Hosking today to schedule your feet inspection or if you need advance medical treatment.

Keep your feet healthy and feel really great

Get quality toenail care,

so you can live happy and healthy

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Attentive foot inspections for prevention and control

 •  Control your diabetes

 •  Every day, check your feet

 •  Increase your activity level

 •  Every day, wash your feet

 •  Shield your feet from cold and hot temps

 •  The blood must continue to flow

 •  Use lotion on top of feet / not between toes

Helpful tips, so you can live happier and healthier

When you need immediate attention for your feet and you are homebound, contact Dr. Jill Hosking for a fast house call.

Call for fast house calls if you are homebound